Izzy O’Donnell Thrillers

Rookie detective Izzy O’Donnell is on the trail of a serial killer who’s murdering victims and leaving behind body parts wrapped in Bible verses.

Izzy tracks him down with the help of her two partners—a very enigmatic Moreno and a rather grumpy Cal, her injured dad’s former partner. Meanwhile, her wacky sidekick, Apple MacIntosh, totes a pet rabbit around in a baby sling, insisting he’s telepathic and can smell death on Izzy’s clothes. Unnerved by unexplained dreams, Izzy forges forth to solve the case. A homeless man, a philandering televangelist, and a mentally challenged gardener are among the suspects who distract Izzy from seeing the killer, who has been getting to know her all along.


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About Jocelyn

Jocelyn Pedersen is an award-winning, AP-published, professional journalist with hundreds of published clips in various newspapers and magazines. A lover of the mystery and thriller, she eats popcorn while watching documentaries about serial killers and huddles under blankets on the couch while watching Criminal Minds with her friends and family.


She enjoys her kids, the beach, teaching writing at the University of Oklahoma, and being a former sheep farmer, considers herself a sheepie slipper aficionado. She has more animals than brains and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Check her out at on social media: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestGoodReads.

Community Service

I am on the board of LifeMissions. It’s a non-profit based on accepting people where they are with love, compassion and empathy. Since we live in Norman, and I work at the university and our founder is a student at OU, we are connected to folks at OU. We have mentored students who were suicidal—helping them to find the help they need. We have talked to alcoholics who are not yet ready to become sober, but who need friends who continue to encourage them to seek help. We have taken home-schooled students under our wing and helped them adjust to life on a big campus, and we’ve helped a family struggling with a child’s mental health issues. Mental health issues are hard on the family, not just the person who is struggling. 

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Eye for an Eye – The Izzy O’Donnell Series

    Izzy is a Rookie.  It is obvious the way she up-chucks on a crime scene and hesitates to make her opinions known.  She’s at the bottom of the rung on a long ladder that may never reach the top.  But she has instincts – some say she’s psychic – like her friend Apple and the rabbit she carries with her most of the time. But Izzy knows a pervert when she works a crime scene. And they have one in this case.

She also knows police work.  She was a uniform cop for years and grew up in a household of policemen.  Her dad retired from the force and now she looks after him and his bar after every shift. And she’s determined to make him proud of her. Now if her partners will let her.

The latest round of murders are getting the better of her and everyone who works it.  And that is just how the perp wants it.  If they are pitted against each other, the crimes will never be solved. 

Check out Eye for an Eye and let me know if you like it by writing a review.  It is the first in the Izzy O’Donnell series. There’s more to come!

Vaughn Meet

My personal competition record at Vaughn Meet – this is my last lean-and-jerk lift.  That’s 35 kg (77 lbs.) on the bar. Pretty proud of that lift! It’s a person competition record. Even the main judge in the middle smiled when I made it. Thanks, Coach Bob, for your encouragement and faith in me. And for prodding courage into me!

Eye for an Eye Re-release Day!!!!!

    A female rookie cop. A nasty serial killer. And time is on the killer’s side.  Jocelyn Pedersen is re-releasing Eye for an Eye today with a $.99 sale on Kindle versions of the novel.  Pick up a copy and if you love the book (and you will) leave a review!

USAW Level 1 Coaching License!

    I just earned my USAW Level 1 Coaching License!

I went to Austin, TX and attended a class with 14 other people. Some had never done Olympic style weightlifting before and others of us had some experience. We lifted for about four hours on Saturday and again on Sunday, practicing lifts, teaching technique to each other, and critiquing. Afterward, I had one week to take an exam over the material covered in the class. Boom! Passed the first time.

Thanks to Coach Bob for preparing me so well before I took the class and to David at Texas Barbell in Austin for hosting and teaching the class. Also a shout-out to Mo Cooper, a fellow transplanted Canadian whom I met at the event.

Finally, another big thank you to Coach Bob White, Jr. for supervising me in coaching folks in our gym so I can work toward obtaining my USAW Level 2 Coaching License. I am blessed.

I Went Flying!

    I went flying with Al! He just got his pilot’s license and he took a friend and me up! Wahoo!

The sights were amazing and the landing was soooo soft! A dream realized for him and an honor for me.

Thanks to Niccolai Murphy, my buddy from way back when in Singapore and to Frank Britton, (Nicco’s friend who has become one to me) for taking Al up 9 years ago and instilling in him a love of flying. And to Pat Hlavin, Nicco’s sweet wife who will likely show him this post because Nicco is a fuddy duddy. Ha! Love you guys!

Broken Arrow Meet and Shane Hamman

I met the amazing Shane Hamman at the meet in Broken Arrow. He came by to say hi to Coach Bob and the team.  What a pleasure! He signed my shoes and I signed a copy of my book An Eye for an Eye for him.  Right before we took the pic, I said, “We kinda look like Mutt and Jeff!”  We both laughed.

#MastersWeightlifting #AnEyeforanEye #Grit #StayStrong #WomensHealth

Weightlifting Champ

Jocelyn is a gold medal-winning Olympic-style weightlifter. She works with Bob White of Team Metro in Norman, Oklahoma.


For more information, read her interview in the OU Daily.

Click to read the full interview about bodybuilding and writing



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