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USAW Level 1 Coaching License!

    I just earned my USAW Level 1 Coaching License!

I went to Austin, TX and attended a class with 14 other people. Some had never done Olympic style weightlifting before and others of us had some experience. We lifted for about four hours on Saturday and again on Sunday, practicing lifts, teaching technique to each other, and critiquing. Afterward, I had one week to take an exam over the material covered in the class. Boom! Passed the first time.

Thanks to Coach Bob for preparing me so well before I took the class and to David at Texas Barbell in Austin for hosting and teaching the class. Also a shout-out to Mo Cooper, a fellow transplanted Canadian whom I met at the event.

Finally, another big thank you to Coach Bob White, Jr. for supervising me in coaching folks in our gym so I can work toward obtaining my USAW Level 2 Coaching License. I am blessed.


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