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Eye for an Eye – The Izzy O’Donnell Series

    Izzy is a Rookie.  It is obvious the way she up-chucks on a crime scene and hesitates to make her opinions known.  She’s at the bottom of the rung on a long ladder that may never reach the top.  But she has instincts – some say she’s psychic – like her friend Apple and the rabbit she carries with her most of the time. But Izzy knows a pervert when she works a crime scene. And they have one in this case.

She also knows police work.  She was a uniform cop for years and grew up in a household of policemen.  Her dad retired from the force and now she looks after him and his bar after every shift. And she’s determined to make him proud of her. Now if her partners will let her.

The latest round of murders are getting the better of her and everyone who works it.  And that is just how the perp wants it.  If they are pitted against each other, the crimes will never be solved. 

Check out Eye for an Eye and let me know if you like it by writing a review.  It is the first in the Izzy O’Donnell series. There’s more to come!

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